A Horse 'At Liberty' Photo Shoot

It was a great spring for ‘At Liberty’ Horse photo shoots and Holly’s was no exception. I headed up to St. Helens for a relatively local photo shoot and had a great couple of hours with her yearling Violet! Violet is something of a special yearling as she is out by Mount St. John and Holly has bought her as a very exciting future project. She was keen to get a Horse ‘At Liberty’ Photo

A pony and rider photo shoot in Cheshire

On the same morning of working with Becky and Sulwyn in May of this year I also had the pleasure of doing A Horse & Rider Photo Shoot with Liberty and her two favourite ponies Friar & Casi  who although they are owned by Becky and her sister Charlie have been ridden regularly by Liberty over the past few years and she has developed a very close bond with them both. Sadly Liberty’s legs have

a foal mini shoot series

I feel like something of a regular these days at Becky’s super yard in Warmingham, Cheshire. Following on from a fantastic shoot with Becky and her 3 exmoors and Magic last year she asked if I could come and do a Horse & Rider Mini Shoot Series with her Welsh section B foal Sulwyn. Becky is such a pleasure to work with and I’m keen for any excuse for some foal cuddles so obviously I

A horse and rider photo shoot in cheshire

So my blogs are traveling me back in time to May…still… I will get there eventually! Back in May of this year I spent a lovely sunny morning with Gaynor and Lennie on a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot. Lennie is a rather large and very handsome thoroughbred who took a little bit on convincing that I wasn’t here to separate him from all his pals for ever and ever…. After a brief 5 minutes

As it’s the 1st of September suddenly I thought it would be a good time to share with you my top 10 reasons to have an Autumn Photo Shoot… So here they are!

  1. The colours…. they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I’m definitely not about to bore you with a thousand words so just take a look at some of my favourite Autumn Photo Shoot examples below. 🙂
  2. The light….
A Horse & Rider Photo Shoot with Molly, Henry & Chip

I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Molly earlier in the year with her two special boys Henry & Chip. Molly got in touch after I was recommended to her by a friend and it looked like the sale of her superstar pony Chip was imminent. Luckily we managed to work some dates out and I was able to get down to Salisbury at quite short notice to do a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot

A creative Photo shoot with Hero Douglas and the Pen-Llyn Luistanos

I first met Hero Douglas back in 2015 at Bonnie Fishburn’s Wedding. Hero was playing the harp and singing and I was (of course) taking all the photos! I was blown away by Hero’s voice and her harp playing was just divine. I later learnt that not only could Hero sing and play the harp to an exceptional level but that was just the beginning of her talents! Horse riding is another of them and

And here we are in July already…. where did the first half of 2017 get to? It’s been a great 6 months of shoots with lots of exciting plans, shoots and adventures to come over the next few months! Following on from my Spring post I thought it was high time to share with you my 10 reasons to have a Summer Photo Shoot!

  1. It’s warm…..er. Well some of the time anyway……
  2. Everything is

Once again I am having to delve in my memory all the way back to March of this year when I had the utter privilege of photographing the wedding of two people very close to my heart in none other than the quintessential romantic city…Paris! In fact it was a little more than just a Parisian Wedding… Both Declan and Francine had their birthdays the

Isabella Shaw and Only Sometimes on a B*Spoke Competition Shoot at Llanymynech HT 2017

I finally managed to catch up with my sponsored rider Isabella Shaw and see her and her fabulous Pony ‘Only Sometimes’ in action at Llanymynech Horse Trials on the 14th of May. I had met her string of horses last summer when I caught up with her for a Horse & Rider photo shoot on her old yard but between her exams last summer and our diaries not quite

family and animal photo shoot in cheshire

As the title suggests this was a shoot packed with both people and animals! It was also all the way back in March which means I am definitely a wee bit behind with my blogs… I always love working with families and animals and this Mother, Daughter & Animals Photo Shoot was no exception. I first met Nicola quite a few years ago now when I was photographing a competition down at Tushingham Arena. We hit it

a three family photo shoot

I would usually always rearrange a family photo shoot if there was heavy rain forecast for the entire day of the shoot, however, sometimes that just isn’t all that practical and the only way to beat the weather is to get creative instead! The Gleave & Bryan Family Photo Shoot was one of those occasions! Booked in February for the first weekend in March the weather was always going to be a little bit hit

Woo hoo it’s April, those evenings are getting longer, things are warming up a little and I even managed to get a teeny bit sun burnt last weekend! This can only mean one thing, Spring is here…..! I absolutely love Spring and I adore photographing people and their horses at this time of the year! I can never quite decide which is my favourite between Spring and Autumn as I love them both but I

bride and groom by liverpool waterfront

Carrying on from last weekend’s blog which featured some of my favourites from Caroline & Craig’s Cotswolds Wedding I thought I would share another of my favourite 2016 Weddings. This time it’s Laura and Chris’s Wedding in Liverpool. For me it always offers a nice challenge coming back in from the great outdoors and shooting in a cityscape. It was also a nice novelty just being able to roll down the hill and into Liverpool’s

Wedding Photography Cotswolds Wedding

As you can see from the title I’m a little behind in the blogging of my 2016 Weddings…. In fact I rather fell off the blogging wagon altogether in 2016! But there’s no time like the present and with the 2017 season just kicking off for me I thought I would share a few of my favourites from last year starting with Caroline and Craig’s Wedding! I think the only Wedding I actually managed to

So it’s week 6 and the final installment of the ‘How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot,’ blog series!

Today I will be discussing what to do with your images after your shoot as well as the importance of having a photo shoot in the first place! For me personally I am a huge advocate of getting your photos printed in some format. Whilst digital has many advantages, the main disadvantage in my eyes is that

a girl and her welsh pony

Week 5 of my blog series is all about How to handle a tricky horse on a photo shoot! So far we’ve covered ‘What type of shoot is right for me?’ ‘What to wear (Humans!),’ ‘What to wear (Horses!),’ and ‘Where to go…Location, location, location!’ But now for the nitty gritty! I know this is something which people worry about a lot in the run up to a shoot and even puts some off. Whilst

on location in marbury park for a Horse and rider photo shoot

This weekend my ‘How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot’ blog series is taking you on a little adventure to find the perfect photo shoot location for YOUR session! There are a few things to weigh up with this, a big one obviously being where is going to look amazing but the other major consideration is how your horse or horses are going to behave in that environment…..! Most shoots happen at my client’s homes or

a portrait of a grey horse

Following on from the past few weekends blogs I have blog #3 in the series for you today! It’s all about how to prepare your horse for a photo shoot! Although there will probably be less panic over this than preparing yourself I still thought it was an important topic to cover for your preparations for a photo shoot! Whether you own a dressage diva or a hairy little pony they all deserve to shine their

a woman in an evening dress with her horse

In Blog #2 of my ‘How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot Series,’ I’m addressing what to wear for your Photo Shoot….if you’re a human…. What to wear (Horses!) is coming next week! I know this is a big concern for many people when booking a photo shoot but with a little thought about the look you would like to achieve throughout your shoot, a bit of preparation and maybe a teeny bit of courage

hair and make up in a stable block

It’s finally the end of January and before we know it the year will be whizzing past us! Over the next few weeks I am going to be running a blog series all about how to prepare for a photo shoot. I thought it would be a good time of the year to run this series as my diary like most other Horse Photographers is steadily filling up as the evenings begin to lengthen and I

horse and rider photo shoot cheshire

Well here it is, the very last day of Christmas and definitely time to take the tree down! I hope you have enjoyed the blog series so far and it gives me great pleasure to announce Caitlin’s Horse and Rider Portrait Shoot as the final in my favourites of 2016 blog series! There are so many shoots which could also have featured but everyone who had a shoot with me last year is about to

woman with horse

Christmas is so very nearly over for another year but today on the 11th day of it I am delighted to share with you Chrissy’s equine portrait shoot from last July! I spent a great evening down with Chrissy and her mother and son duo just outside Chester on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year in the North West! In fact it’s been warming this afternoon just looking

a horse and rider on a photo shoot in merseyside

It’s officially the 10th day of Christmas today and it definitely feels like the festivities are coming to an end….almost time to take the tree down! I am delighted though to share another of my favourite shoots from Autumn 2016. This time it’s Melanie & Jack’s Remember Me Photo Shoot. Part of this shoot was shot at the beginning of September and then due to some slightly unpleasant weather moving in faster than expected the second half

Mother, daughter and horse photo shoot

Well we’re creeping nearer to the official end of Christmas and I’m guessing lots of you are heading back to work tomorrow which definitely marks some sort of end to the festivities sadly! There are however another 3 blogs to come over the next 3 days as I pick my last few favourite equine photo shoots from 2016! Today on the 9th day of Christmas it is my pleasure to share with you some images

a sisters photo shoot with their ponies

Firstly I would like to say a huge and very Happy New Year to everyone and hope you all managed to bring it in in style (whatever yours may be!) Mine has involved lots of home made Vietnamese food, bubbly (obviously!), the pub and then some good cycling today! A pretty perfect if low key way to finish off a very busy year and welcome in 2017! Not a horse in sight sadly but I’m sure that will

I hope everyone has something cold and bubbly chilling in the fridge at this stage in anticipation for the imminent countdown to 2017! Although being honest I’m not the biggest fan of all the hype that surrounds the night itself but I do like the feeling of some fresh beginnings and the excitement of what 2017 could bring! This is partly why I am doing this blog and saying thank you to all of my

Ok so I know I’ve cheated a little here but there are so many photo shoots from last year that were absolute crackers that I had to sneak another one in somehow! I had such a fun morning with Becky and Ellie last May that I absolutely had to include their shoots in my ‘Favourites from 2016!’ Becky first contacted me back in the spring of 2015 and booked a shoot in for herself and

Georgie's Horse and Rider Photo Shoot Cheshire

Well the Christmas leftovers are well and truly gone and I for one am feeling somewhat recovered from the indulgences (despite still having half of Belgium to get through in Chocolate!) It is officially the 5th day of Christmas today and I am very excited to share Georgie’s fabulous horse and rider photo shoot from last summer with you on my blog today! This also means that Georgie will be receiving a little belated Christmas pressie

Kate's Family & Animals Photo Shoot

Today it has been a pleasure to look back through Kate’s Family & Animals Photo Shoot from the end of August this year and pick out some of my favourites! I met Kate back at the Cheshire County Show last summer where she booked me to come out and photograph her and her husband, their three gorgeous children, 4 horses and 2 dogs! It was quite a collection! After a couple of failed attempts due

Horse Studio Photo Shoot

Today, the third day of Christmas I am delighted to announce that Stephanie & Carol’s horses studio shoot from last  summer has been picked as the next in the series of favourites from 2016! Working in a studio with horses is quite a different set up to how I normally work which is either out on location or in the doorway to a barn or stable in order to achieve the black background portraits. It

Three sisters and their ponies on a kids & ponies photo shoot

I hope everyone had fantastic Christmas days yesterday and are feeling suitably full of turkey, christmas pudding and sprouts today! I am delighted that Lucy’s three girls Daisy, Lily & Fleur’s ‘Kids & Ponies Photo Shoot’ from back in June of this year is the second to be chosen as a favourite from 2016! The three girls were an absolute delight to work with and despite a slightly damp start to the shoot the weather

Lucy & Shaaney // Horse and Rider Portrait Shoot // Delamere Forest // October 2016. On the first day of Christmas, CHRISTMAS DAY itself I am delighted to announce that Lucy and Shaaney’s portrait shoot from October this year is the first to be featured as part of my ‘Favourite shoots of 2016’ series! This is a series of blogs which I will be rolling out over the next 12 days to celebrate some of

A photo shoot in Cheshire with Katie and her Dutch Warmblood Mare

I‘m having to travel all the way back to May for this blog post, a whole 4 months ago! What a summer it’s been, not the most ideal weather wise at times I’ll admit but a fantastic one nonetheless with so many wonderful clients, gorgeous horses and fun and beautiful shoots! Katie’s photo shoot with her warmblood Dressage mare was no exception! It was courtesy of the fab Cooke Coach Builders who ran a competition last

As today, the 19th of August is World Photography Day I thought I would take the time to have a browse through my work from the past few years and choose some of my favourites! It’s been a difficult task I have to admit not to bombard you with hundreds of photographs! There is a complete mixture of photographs here from ones which have won awards for me to ones

horse in a photo studio

I embarked on a new and exciting project earlier this year with the investment in a set of studio lights (as if photographing horses wasn’t interesting enough in the first place….!) and I absolutely love the results! With a great deal of experience working with studio lighting in a ‘human’ studio and having working with horses on film sets with lighting and filled with a lot of creative inspiration I was keen to get my first

North Wales Wedding Photography

Back in August 2015 I met Claire and Ian and their three adorable children at The Denbigh & Flint Country Show in North Wales. Perhaps not the most likely of places to meet potential Wedding clients but a good place nonetheless! I was delighted when Claire called me and asked if I could shoot their Wedding the following June and we arranged a gorgeous Spring Engagement/Family shoot on Ian’s families farm. You can see more

Jess with both of her horses

Way back in April of this year (although it was the last day of April so I’m almost into May’s shoots!) I spent a wonderful evening on a photo shoot with the gorgeous Jess and her two fabulous eventers Dotty and Kenya.

Girl kissing her grey horse

Jess and Dotty

Jess was a lucky winner of the ‘Portrait Shoot of the Year’ competition

at liberty horse photo shoot

Photographing horses comes with it’s many challenges and obviously depends on the character of the individual horse but photographing dogs is a challenge on a whole different level! When I first spoke to Annette she was trying to decide which of her 4 girls she wanted to use her At Liberty shoot that she won through the ‘Portrait Shoot of the Year’ competition which I ran on my facebook page in February of this

engaged couple by lavender in calderstones park, liverpool

I had the unusual situation a couple of weeks ago of having a photo shoot that didn’t involve any animals whatsoever! It felt rather strange and unusually straight forward! Even with my Wedding couples who haven’t ridden their homebred horse to the church or had their eventers feature in the Engagement shoot I’ve nearly always had animals crashing the party in one form or another. Another of my completely non Equestrian couples last Spring found the

Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the CotswoldsWay back when (in March!) I had the pleasure of photographing Caroline and her very handsome steed Troy in the stunning Cotswolds countryside. It was a bit of a juggling act arranging the portrait shoot as we were completely at the mercy of storm Katie who was doing her best to wreck havoc! We had to abandon the first

pug on a log

It’s not often that I have the luxury of going just 5 minutes down to the road to a Portrait Shoot but last month I had just that luxury when photographing the adorable Arne the Pug in Sefton Park in Liverpool. I had such a fun morning photographing the little cutie on an ‘At Liberty’ Dog Photo Shoot! I’m so used to photographing much larger animals (even the dogs that I photograph are

I had the pleasure of paying a visit to Amy and her gorgeous Welsh pony Phoebe last month on the very edge of the Shropshire Hills for an Equine Portrait Shoot. Amy was a lucky prize draw winner from the ‘Portrait Shoot of the Year’ competition that I ran on my facebook page back in February and I was delighted to hear
A woman and her horse

The Easter bank holiday got off to a particularly positive start for me as I thought I’d pop into my local sorting office before hitting the road down South for a weekend of both work and family celebrations. I seem to have a constant stream of deliveries and am well known (sadly!) in both my local post and sorting office. On this occasion though I really couldn’t think what I had recently ordered or could be waiting

It is always a fantastic day going out with the Cheshire Bloodhounds and the closing meet of the season at the Cheshire Showgrounds on Sunday was no exception! If nothing else I came away from the day with a whole new appreciation for being alive thanks to Charles Finney and his quad driving antics! It was aside from that a hugely fun day and I hope I’m right in assuming that everyone else had a

A portrait of Emily Bradshaw and Alfie

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Emily Bradshaw and her very handsome (not to mention talented) steed Alfie last month. It was just days before they both jetted off to Holland where they will be for the time being training and working hard. The Portrait shoot took place on their yard ‘Backwood Farm’ on the Wirral on if I’m being honest here not the warmest day in February!  In fact there was quite a lot

Walking with a horse and a dog

With the vast majority of my human Portrait subjects being female (I haven’t been keeping track of the animal gender stats!) it makes for an interesting change to be booked to photograph a man and his animals! Sharon got in touch with me before Christmas to buy a Portrait shoot Christmas gift voucher for her husband Huw and as with some early Spring shoots a slight degree of flexibility was required to work around the somewhat moody weather of the


Engagement shoots are such a wonderful time to get to know a couple before it comes to photographing their big day where the last thing they need to be worrying about is how they’re going to feel in front of the camera. So when Claire and Ian booked me last year after meeting me at the Denbigh & Flint County Show to

_MG_07482015 has seen me bravely entering the world of ‘the trade stands!’ which to be completely honest has been a slightly daunting prospect! With the Warrington Horse Show in May and the Cheshire County show last week it has involved a lot of planning, a fair bit of last minute photo framing, quite a few thank you’s to printing labs for turning prints around quicker than usual and to

Bonnie and Toms Wedding is certainly one I am looking forward to this year and if their engagement session was anything to go by I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an action packed day full of laughter and the odd animal! The evening of their engagement shoot was absolutely gorgeous (if a tad chilly!) and the locations on their farm simply perfect for a relaxed, fun and gorgeous shoot!Read More


Raincoat, check, sun creme, check, good walking boots, check, t-shirt, check, thermals, check, camera bag, check! I love the outdoors and I love spending so much of my working life embracing it but you just don’t know where you stand at this time of the year! Preparation for all and any eventualities is key I believe!! So with half of my wardrobe packed & emergency

In our pre living together/home owning/feeling very old days my boyfriend and Kieran were housemates in a very quirky (possibly the less said the better!) house just off the delightful Lark Lane in Liverpool. So having known Kieran & Katie for quite a few years it was an honour to be asked last Autumn to photograph their wedding this coming August.Katie&KieranEngagement-4Read More

All season I’ve been looking at the diary and trying to tie in a Sunday out with the Cheshire Bloodhounds but without much luck and before I knew it, it was the closing meet for the season! Luckily my diary conceded this one to me and so I bundled myself off down to Cheshire, camera in hand and ready for another slice of the action. It had been a while having only been out




I know I’m a little bit behind the times but seriously where did January go??? It is increasingly and controversially one of my favourite months of the year as it’s so long and doesn’t usually run away with you